News and Recognition

Here's a look at some of our recent achievements, upcoming events, and recent events at NETSDA

19th September - Grand Master Giacobbe Seminar

On 19th September NETSDA welcomed back Grand Master Dominick Giacobbe (9th Dan Tang Soo Do) to the academy for his second seminar.

The academy was packed to the rafters, with over 50 students attending. Grand Master Giacobbe gave an introduction of himself and his background in Tang So Do. The students were then given an introduction to the second Bassai form 'Bassai So', which was enjoyed by all.

The students were then given an ineresting talk about the history of Tang Soo Do, and how it has evolved since first being introduced into Korea by the Chinese Tang Dynasty over 2000 years ago. To finish off we were given a brief introduction to Tai Chi.

GM Giacobbe Seminar

28th July - 5th Dan Presentation for Master Featherstone & Master Keerie Seminar

On 28th July it was a great honour to welcome Master Keerie to the academy to formally present Master Featherstone with his 5th Dan certification.

Following the Dan presentaion, Master Keerie presented a seminar introducing NETSDA students to many other aspects of Tang Soo Do and martial arts, including Japanese and Korean swords, use of walking sticks as a defensive weapon, anamtomy and striking areas. Some student even got to practice one of the sword hyungs (forms).

Master Keerie Visit

19th September 2017 - Grandmaster Giaccobe Returns to NETSDA

A reminder to all students that Grand Master Dominic Giaccobe will be returning to NETSDA in September. This is likely to be very quickly filled, so if you are interested in attending please let Master Featherstone or Dianne know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

If anyone would like to purchase a copy of Grandmaster Giaccobe's book, then please also let Master Featherstone or Dianne as soon as possible so that they can be shipped over in advance of his visit to the UK.

GM Giaccobe Returns to NETSDA

28th July - 5th Dan Presentation for Master Featherstone & Master Keerie Seminar

On 28th July Master Keerie will be visiting the academy to formally present Master Featherstone with his 5th Dan. Following the presentation, Master Keerie will be leading a Seminar.

Please support Master Featherstone in this seminar, as he would like all students to attend if possible. For those students that have not yet met Master Keerie, I would urge them to attend, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

GM Giaccobe

June Grading and Dan Tests

12th of June was a big day for many students of the academy. We had many senior students assessing for their higher Gup grades, and 2 students testing for 1st Dan and 2 students testing for 3rd Dan.

We are pleased to announce that all dan candidates passed, and we have 2 new black belts at the academy. Congratulation Miss Robinson and Mr Hunt. And a big congratulations to Mr Preston and Mrs Healey on gaining your 3rd Dan.

New Dan Grades

Grand Master Dominic Giaccobe Visit

On 25th April NETSDA were proud to welcome Grand Master Dominic Giaccobe and Master Jacqui Fisher to the centre for a Seminar. GM Giaccobe gave a truly inspirational talk on his journey in Tang Soo do and then led a great seminar.

What a brilliant night, lots of happy smiling faces, a big thank you to Grandmaster Giaccobe. Many thanks to Master Featherstone and Master Fisher for making this happen.

GM Giaccobe

Congratulations to Master Featherstone

A big congratulations to Master Featherstone after successfully being tested for the rank of 5th Dan in Tang Soo Do. It was a long day, and Master Featherstone had the following to say:

" was an absolute honour to be tested by Master Keerie. I learned a lot about myself today...pushed pushed then pushed a little more!....full of bruises and aching all over!"